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Pie Club Meetings 2017

Pie Meting Saturday 8th April 2017 

World Events

Terrorist attack in Stockholm, 5 killed and at least 50 injured.

USA blow up airstrip in Syria after Assad’s Government use chemical weapons on rebel held positions.

Spring has come today, lots of sun.


One for Arthur wins the Grand National at 14-1.

Leeds win 3-0 and Huddersfield lose 2-0.

Halifax win 1-0.


Kevin   Fresh crispy pastry. Lacked jelly. Meat had a dry afterburn.

Score   8.0/10

Peter   Very fresh well filled with tasty meat. Happy not to have jelly. A fine pie.

Score   9.0/10


Fetcher   Peter

Fetch   Keelhams Farm Shop of Thornton, Bradford

Price   99p

Average   8.5

Pie Meeting Saturday 15th April 2017

World  Events 

North Korea threatening Nuclear War if USA threatens further.

USA dropped biggest non - nuclear bomb on ISIS in Afghanistan.

English theology student stabbed to death in Israel.

Huddersfield child sex abuse ring in Court, 29 defendants.

Road side bomb attack on German football team.

Hospitals offering doctors £95 to do locum work.

United Airways staff drag passenger of plane that was over booked.


Leicester lost to Athletico Madrid in Champions League.

Jenson Button back in F1 for Monaco GP.

Justin Rose missed out on US Open Golf to Sergio Garcia 

Huddersfield beat Preston and Leeds drew against Newcastle


Mark   Crispy pastry, well formed pie. Well filled with tasty meat. Very peppery.

Score   9.0/10

Howard   Succulent meat, well filled and nice and spicy. Reasonable amount of jelly but unfortunately soggy pastry.

Score   7.0/10

Tim   Well filled, peppery. Pastry lacking more of a custard tart pastry but I enjoyed it.

Score   8.0

Peter   A big fresh pie. Lots of meat and not a lot of jelly which is the way I like it. Peppery in most of it. Crispy pastry.

Score   8.5

Richard   Ditto what Peter said. With a little fetcher’s privilege.

Score   9.0/10


Fetcher   Richard

Fetch   Bolster Moor

Price   £1.30

Average   8.3

Pie Meeting Saturday 22nd April 2017

World Events

Snap election called for June.

Paris Police shot in terrorist attack.

World’s oldest woman dies at 117.

Facebook developing technology that will let you operate things by thinking.

Princes William and Harry supporting mental health charities.


Huddersfield lose 3 -0 to Fulham.

Chelsea through to FA final

Nastase ejected from Fed Cup match for rude comments about British team.


None! We forgot and Tim, landlord provided excellent scotch eggs.